Planning a Bachelorette Weekend

When your best friend of 21 years decides to get married in less than a year, planning her bachelorette weekend is a big responsibility and boy did we have a challenge. To me I think a bachelorette is an important right of passage, a fun reason for an alcohol fuelled weekend with all your girls to celebrate this special occasion.  

A bachelorette can be anything you want it to be. From a simple prose I fuelled afternoon tea or a wild bar crawl through your local town. There’s only one constant that remains and that’s the people who share this experience with you. 

So first we thought about all the different options, and asked everyone for their suggestions along with the bride included. But there was only ever one possible outcome – somewhere that involves catching a short haul flight, lots of sunshine and a 5 minute walk to the main town.


Bring on Marbella 

The first item on the agenda was to book our flights, and my trusted favourite Sky Scanner found that Bristol offered the cheapest flight and with payday looming the flights were booked well in advance (I’m talking 6 months) which only left accommodation, transfer and activities to organise. 

We found this perfect little villa about 10 minutes from Puerto Banus. Somewhere we could have full privacy, give everyone the freedom to do as they pleased for the entire 4 days but also not have to organise a lot of cooking – none of us fancied feeding 18 people. There are 2 beautiful pools, a stunning roof top balcony with endless views and plenty of space to ensure all 18 of us didn’t get in each other’s way. 

So far so good. Now for the headache. 

The biggest challenge by far was sorting out all of the activities ahead. With this being a bachelorette weekend we wanted to make it as cost-friendly possible and booked all our meals and activities through a package company which made life easy but also came with a massive plus point we conveniently could pay off all that was planned well before we even stepped foot in the country – the dream! 

Not exactly, what I majorly under estimated was everyone’s own interpretation and desires for the whole weekend. I naively assumed that the whole party would want to take part in most of the activities but this however wasn’t the case and is definitely the biggest lesson I learnt from this whole experience. For me it’s like I said at the start as long as everyone is together and enjoys the whole weekend then my job is done. But as for my own bachelorette one day I certainly know what to expect and there would be a lot of things I would do differently. But hey if you don’t make mistakes you’ll never learn for the future. 

Don’t get me wrong there is still plenty left to organise but this is for me to share with you at a later date – we don’t want the bride finding out any of the secret plans just yet. 


Links: Flights – Sky Scanner  // Accommodation – Airbnb // Activities – Chilli Sauce

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