How to see Lisbon in 3 Days

Lisbon has been on my bucket list for a very long time, it’s somewhere i’ve always wanted to explore, learn about its history, try the Portuguese cuisine and just soak up all the city had to offer.

The key to making this trip memorable was preparation – we done a little research before we went and found a guided tour which was a little pricy but totally worth it. Our tour guide was amazing and so knowledgeable, he spoke 5 languages and knew pretty much everything about the city as if he had lived there since it was built. The tour took us across the entire city which on day 1 of the trip was brilliant as we got our bearings so quickly which made the rest of the trip that much easier. Learning about all the history, architecture, wars and all the city has experienced over the past 4 centuries was such an eye opening experience and I felt I learnt so much more and had a real appreciation for where I was.

The tour lasted around 3 hours and ended with a stop at this qwerky food market which had all of the best restaurants in the city confined to one location. Anything from fine dining to fast food could be found there and i would definitely recommend giving it a try.

With a lot of ground being covered on day one this left us with copious amounts of time to really take our time wandering through the back streets and doing everything else we wanted to without the pressure of trying to fit it all in.

Lisbon is such a beautiful place and the people are just as lovely, they are so helpful and the food; well this had to be the best part. We booked a fine dining restaurant “Restaurant Porter” for my mum’s actual birthday as a treat, it was a short 15 minute walk from our hotel. We chose the 3 course menu and ordered their signature cocktails which after a leisurely stroll were just what we needed. The food was amazing, such rich flavours and colours we didn’t want it to end, and the staff were brilliant so helpful and anything you needed they were right there.


The second day of the trip we took a recommendation from our tour guide and caught the train to the city of Sintra. This is the national park of Lisbon and has hundreds of years of history locked in this beautiful town. I would highly recommend taking a day to see Sintra you will not be disappointed.

The last day of our trip there was a marathon taking place across the city and we were right at the heart of it, so this resulted in us wandering around the shops and markets to see what souvenirs we could pick up, combined with numerous coffee stops and actually had a very relaxing last day to end our trip before catching an evening flight home.

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