How To Pull off a Surprise Bridal Brunch

The biggest thing to happen in 2019 is getting to watch my best friend get married. At the same time the sad part is my other best friend won’t be able to attend the bachelorette weekend in Marbella. So with this in mind, we decided to plan a surprise bridal brunch so that she could be a part of the bridal celebrations. At first the ideas that were thrown around were ridiculous compared to what we actually done. With your average brunch costing around £10 per person we realised it would be a lot cheaper and more private to throw a bridal brunch at home and all cover the cost of the food and drinks.

Now when the bridesmaids all get together we tend to get overly excited and the ideas just spiral out of control – which is exactly what happened here.

We had balloons, hand made cake, stacks of sandwiches, cheese board, place cards, flowers everything you should ever need to throw a bridal brunch. All that was left was to let the bride in on the secret.

The whole afternoon went perfectly, we all had the best time with non-stop laughter, funny bridal games, sharing various stories of the bride and eating way too much food – we couldn’t of asked for anything more.

And the best part – the whole afternoon was done for less than half of what we would of paid for the original brunch option. Now that’s worth doing.

Bridal brunch checklist:


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