What to pack for a Ski Trip


As Ski season is in full swing and the holiday blues have set in, i thought i’d quickly re-live my recent ski trip with a little guide of what bits and bobs you may want to take. Along with my ride or die essentials for tackling that alpine air.

Ski Suit

A good ski suit will last years, so treat it as an investment. Pick your colour choices wisely because is bright yellow going to be a favourite in 6 years time. There are so many options on the market noways and you don’t  have to go high end to get the best quality, shop around for what you want and definitely don’t panic buy.

Goggles & Sunglasses

There are so many options with goggles and sunglasses, firstly you want something that is going to protect your eyes as the light reflection from the snow can be piercing. But i would take the same approach with eyewear as i would with my ski suit. Just make sure you go for practicality over style.


Skins or thermals are essential, but the easiest mistake most people make is they think the thicker the layer the warmer you will be when in actual fact its less is more. Thermals are essential when on the slopes, i usually wear gym leggings, a thin long sleeve top and an outer jacket or gilet under my ski jacket and 9/10 times i end up taking a layer off half way through the day.


It’s crazy to think that only recently has it been standard to wear a helmet. But as annoying they are its so very important you wear one. These can be rented with your boots and skis or you can invest in your very own – either way dont put those skis on without one.


Gloves & Socks

Invest in a good paid of ski gloves and they will serve you well, i would also recommend getting a pair of skin gloves which can be worn under your ski gloves if its bitter on the slopes but also come in very handy for braving those cold evenings. Also your ski socks will make a huge difference if you get a decent pair, you can pick them up for around £5-£7 in the shops and i would recommend getting a few as after 2-3 wears they are in need of some serious washing.

Lounge wear

This is the key to a ski holiday, there is absolutely nothing nicer than kicking off the ski gear, taking a shower (and maybe a cheeky steam room or jacuzzi) and then jumping into your comfies.

Evening ware

Skiing holidays aren’t like your typical sun holiday, after a long day on the slopes the last thing you want is getting dressed up for an evening meal. half the time it’s acceptable to wear joggers and sweatshirts at the dinner table, and if your staying in a catered chalet your practically dressed as if your back home.

Snow Boots

Making sensible shoe choices on a ski holiday is the golden rule, forget the high heels and fashion forward outfits. Your after comfort, durability and something that keeps your toes dry.

Beauty Essentials

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take your skincare seriously when skiing, it can get pretty hot on those mountains and speaking from experience those goggle marks are not cute. I would advise to pack your normal beauty bag must haves makeup, tooth brush etc but when it comes to the items listed below i would recommend investing in the good stuff. Those mountains can play havoc on your skin.

  • Suncream
  • moisturiser
  • tissues
  • mascara
  • lip balm



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  1. 925brands says:

    Keep sharing, stay connected…


  2. Alice Hope says:

    I’m actually going skiing next weekend so this guide is perfectly timed for me hahah! I love your blog, just subscribed to it! xx

    Alice https://alspalss.wordpress.com


    1. Glad to hear you found it helpful thank you for subscribing xx

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