What I Learnt In 2018

With 2018 drawing to a close it’s the opotune time to take a look back on the past twelve months and pay homage to what i’ve learnt along the way in what has been one of the most stressful years of my life. December always brings a unique feeling as the festive period looms and the workload dies down the panic of not having all the presents wrapped and christmas cards written on time sets in and time seems to start running away – talk about being busy when your supposed to be winding down.

So with a pink gin in hand, i think its time to look back at the successes of the past before starting the new chapter of 2019.


We all work hard for the things we have and do, and this often comes with great pride in achieving these but what i have learnt to accept is in doing so we are never 100% in control of all of these situations. I’ve struggled over the past twelve months to let go of having total control over certain aspects of my life which resulted in many arguments and disagreements with those closest to me. A saying i kept being told over and over was “The key to happiness is knowing you are never truly in control”. Ironically, as we reach the final few days of 2018 this has resinated with me in setting my new goals which i feel by following this Moto will provide me with the greater chances of overcoming the challenges the new year may bring.


Growing up is always fun, exciting, adventurous, and new as a child. However what your not told is the fear that lies within through every major life change which often has the biggest impact on how you learn to accept the new beginnings. Something i look to take forward into 2019 is Self Care, it’s one of the toughest lessons i have to learn and ultimately take seriously in the new year.


Life is wonderful and now and again throws you challenges to simply remind you to be thankful of who and what you have around you to truly appreciate everything that you have. Going through the emotions of my first home, leaving my childhood home in 2018 and watching my mum start a new chapter in her new home has really made me realise you cannot do everything by yourself, but also taught me to recognise bringing your closest along for the ride makes the memories a 1000x more special.


One of the harshest lessons i’ve had to learn this year is acknowledging that everything worth having take time. For the whole of 2018 we spent every month working on creating the first home of our dreams from getting keys on Jan 26th to knocking down walls and flooded bathrooms we have been through the motions from start to finish. But i learnt (the hard way) month on month that things simply cannot be achieved overnight. Acknowledging the most basic of things when building a home is so important to reaching the final goal, and in doing so the payoff when all is said and done is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.

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