Tips on how to Travel Stress-Free​

Not to be all cringey and shit but it all boils down to – make a list, check it twice.

For me i’m one of those people in life who love making lists. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside and sets me for the day knowing exactly what i need to do with whatever is going on in my life. And when it comes to travel there is no exception.

No matter where your going in the world or for how long, i have 3 simple steps that make traveling stress-free. (well not completely if your counting airport delays).

Prepare & Plan 

Preparation is key. Knowing exactly what activities you want to do, restaurants you’ve researched and outfit ideas you’ve screen shotted from Instagram is most definitely the starting point. Without this then you may as well give up now and pack 12 hours before you take off in my books.

Whether thats Monica Geller clipboard and headset level or basic planning of your 5 must do things, its entirely what works for you that makes travelling stress free a doddle.


Most often this is the obvious things like, passports, money, how are we getting to the airport, what time is take off. The straight forward things when travelling that sometimes become your worst nightmare if any of the above you get wrong. Yes we all know getting to the airport 2 hours before is what our Mum would tell us to do but in reality, if you can judge roughly when the best time for you to get there would be then who’s to say thats wrong. Lets face it nowadays most airlines offer online check-in which easy takes an hour off your airport time, those queues are no joke.


This is really more for me about outfits than options on what to do when you get there. Knowing exactly what your going to wear but also packing for the unexpected as a woman – its an art form. But planning exactly how many night outfits vs day outfits you need then adding 2 is the best way i – literally keep my options open. Unless your going to the Caribbean you cannot guarantee good weather so packing a pair of jeans that you may need but also could travel home is is just being smart.

Travelling should be fun, not stressful. If you can find a way to make this experience exciting then your half way there to damn well making sure you don’t come within an inch of being stressed. After all once you get to departures holiday mode has already kicked in.

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