Turning 24

Getting older has made me be more reflective but also more adventurous and make changes to how i live my day to day life. So when i turned 24 in May it got me thinking and i made a list of 24 things i want to do whilst 24.

  1. Move into my first home – obvious i know, but i can’t bloody wait
  2. Be more creative
  3. Learn to sew
  4. Make more time for those that matter
  5. Cut out fish from my diet – go full veggie
  6. Care less about not looking 100% all the time
  7. Take more photos of special moments
  8. Embrace my imperfections
  9. Have more of an open mind on things i would ordinarilly force my option on
  10. Buy more shoes (heart eyes emoji)
  11. Push myself to do more professionally
  12. Stop comparing myself to others
  13. Eat less bread – its my achilles heel
  14. Be more spontaneous


Ok…. confession time, so i didn’t quite make 24. who knew writing this list would be so hard, but for the time being this will do – and i thought if there’s anything that crops up throughout the year that i think fits this list well i can always add to it. A little bit of mystery never hurt anyone.



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