Mind over Matter

Why is it whenever you come back from holidays you have zero motivation for anything for a solid 2 weeks (if not longer) to get back into things. Whether its a 2 week vacation lounging on a beach or a quick weekend trip, i can never seem to overcome the urge to still do absolutely nothing once the holiday is over. I’ve found after my recent trip that i really struggled to even bring myself to log into my computer and answer emails let alone actually do my job. which go me thinking, we all get those moments in life where by lack of motivation, drive and focus to do the things that are “really important” get pushed to the side and what takes over – in my case is endless hours lusting after the new  Zara must haves.

I must admit the past month and a half has been a bit of a struggle for me, i’ve been getting no where on the work front and felt very stagnant with how things were going in life. Which left me feeling very deflated, de-motivated, lazy and very much stuck in a rut. I was procrastinating like it was going out of fashion and this reflected mostly in my mood. I was irritated, emotional, indecisive and took all of this out on those who had done absolutely nothing wrong.

However, I’ve found over the past week that when my head is in the right space, everything else naturally falls into place and my energy, confidence, motivation and happiness is on a high. But it’s a struggle always reaching that point and i would say for me even harder maintaining it once i’m there. Being focused isn’t always easy but then nothing in life worth doing ever is, and that has been an eye opener for me the past 4 days. I’ve reflected on the things I’ve done and what that meant of me to achieve the outcomes i got, and along the way it’s taught me a valuable lesson.

I suppose what i’ve learnt is that knowing what needs to be done ‘vs’ what i actually want to do is all part of growing up, we all have those moments where we keep putting things off until you reach breaking point and begin contemplating is this really what i want out of life when in reality it’s more to do with where your mindset is currently at and how you go about changing that to be more positive. After all life is an interesting journey but along the way we need to do things that aren’t the most exciting in order to do the things we want most in life.

I’ve began reading about energy and how this plays a huge part in how we interact as human beings. and from what i’ve found so far and the week I’ve had its even more true that the energy you give out most definitely attracts the same energy in return. We need to be more focused on building each other up, being supportive no matter what and loving and caring for people even when they don’t show it back; instead of analysing and comparing ourselves against those who aren’t even on the same level or path in life.

Be more concerned with how you live your own life, because everyone else will live theirs however they please.

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