My current skincare routine

For years I have struggled with my skin and was not blessed with the clear complexion we women all strive for. However, i have started investing more in what I’m putting into my body and it impacts specifically on my skin. Having suffered from eczema, rosacea and mild acne all while keeping my oily skin at bay, I thought it was time I took a stock check of my skincare routine and found a more tailored approach to achieving that Kardashian complexion.

After much research and a considerable amount of youtube stalking, I formulated a routine which has 3 main goals.

  1. Cleanse – the importance of cleansing your skin thoroughly day and night makes one hell of a difference.
  2. Hydrate – your skin craves water like a diabetic in a sweet shop. It’s necessary to get the best results possible, your body cannot function effectively without adequate levels of hydration and that goes for your skincare too. The power of H20 is mindblowing.
  3. Nourish – it’s all well and good clearing out all the impurities, dirt and oils, however, in doing so you are also getting rid of the nourishment your body naturally produces to keep your skin protected and healthy. So it’s a pretty simple solution what you take out you must then put back in.


Boots face wipe

Simple micellar water

Clarins facial cleanser

Simple toner

Estée Lauder midnight recover serum

Simple hydrate booster

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