The Evolution of Friendship

As a child, we have about 4 best friends at once, and our entire school class get invited over for play time. But as you grow up the types of friendships that you hold close evolve and take on a different meaning.

I remember starting my first day of secondary school and that strange feeling of being separated from your primary school classmates and mixing in with all those other children. There were over 300 pupils in my school year and that meant not everyone could or would be your friend. This change as a child gives you such a blurred outlook on what true, honest friendship means. Looking back at those who I now class as my best friends and who I invested so much time, energy and emotions in whilst going to school are worlds apart. Those who 9 years ago I would spend every day with or sleepover their house each weekend I probably wouldn’t say hello if I passed them in the street, which when you look at the bigger picture is crazy. As you grow up, naturally your relationships with those closest to you change with you. Peoples true characters start to show and you learn (most often the hard way) who can be trusted and who to keep at arm’s length, which sadly, in reality, means your actual circle becomes a lot smaller.

With age comes wisdom as cliche as that is – and the importance of having a smaller tight-knit circle with those who you know could keep a secret, whilst giving you honest, no bullshit advice are the ones you want to hold onto and show the same respect in return. I find it quite funny how when you’re young you want to be everyone’s friend and have such a large group of people you can socialise with, so much time gets invested in others who aren’t true to who they are and 9/10 don’t have your back. It’s ironic how growing up the idea of who you should or shouldn’t have around you is so far from the reality, yet Everton has to go through that stage in life to be able to appreciate the ones who are around you when it’s needed the most. From huge life changing moments, to picking you up after a confidence knock or simply listening to your rants about life’s little burdens. Friends are so important to firstly your sanity but also having people to share memories and experiences makes those moments a significant period in time and ignite feelings which you never want to let go of.

I’ve learnt more about friendship in the last 2 years than I have my whole life, which I am incredibly grateful for because it’s taught me to prioritise who I spend time with, the impact certain people have on me and my life but most importantly to only be around those who give me the same level of respect I show them; which is a rare trait to find in people and when you do make sure to hold onto them as neither parties have a full understanding of how important you are to each other’s lives.

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