How to calm your nerves before an Interview

So last month I was lucky enough to land myself a new job. But it wasn’t all that easy I went through multiple interviews which were mentally tough I’m not going to lie. So I thought it would be a useful tip to jot down some of the rituals I have for calming my nerves before the big interview.

Tip 1 

Prepare, I cannot stress enough how important doo g your research is ahead of a very big interview. Spending a few hours the weekend before or however long you have to prepare some notes, questions, fact find the key selling points about the organisation as this is crucial if you want to impress your potential future bosses. And not to mention its so easy these days with so much information plastered all over the internet unless you’ve been living under a rock for he past 20 years I’m sure I’m just 5 minutes you can find out an awful lot about a business.

Tip 2

Breathe, it’s amazing what a difference being able to control your breathing can do for your body. The mind is an amazing organ which controls every aspect of our lives, and yet it can be the one thing that makes us better in those intense and nervy situations. “Mind over Matter”

Tip 3 

Confidence, acting like you are confident in everything you are saying will go a long way. For one of the interviews I went to the amount of bullshit that came out of my mouth was ridiculous but when your talking about something that your familiar with or have some level of understanding on you can talk around the subject but just be careful not to go into too much detail and catch yourself up in a lie. By showing that you are owning what you say and believing every word, this then transcended to the people interviewing you and they start to have confidence in your abilities to do the job that they are recruiting for.

Tip 4

Be yourself, there is no greater asset than YOU. When it comes to interviews people will see through a fake persona instantly so don’t try and be something that you are not. Genuine, truthful attitudes will be received much more warmly than if you are trying to be overly professional. Don’t do or say anything that doesn’t feel natural (yes I know an interview isn’t a natural environment) but what I mean is being the regular you will soon shine through and your best qualities will give them something to remember.

These are tips not just for interviews but situations I have used them in such as for exams, big meetings, any situation where I feel my anxiety levels rising I think of ways to control my mind and in-tern relax my body.

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