5 Habits to boost your Professional Life

Reflecting on the past 2 months and a rollercoaster experience it has been on a professional front, I thought it quite poignant to kick start myself back into a working mindset to write down 5 habits to boost help achieve my objectives. One of the most common problems with improving your work life success is that you may not take continuous action over a long period of time. Sticking to a routine or doing a repetitive action – and not just when you feel like has a great impact.

No.1 Focus on the process and ONLY the process

When looking at the list of tasks you need to achieve each day, the first thing I do in the morning is sit down and identify what tools I have which will help me in either finishing the task or get the task done quicker than anticipated. Understanding the importance of a process in order to achieve something is key, and if along the way you can streamline a step or two then that’s one step further.

No.2 Remember why you are taking action

We all do things day in day out but we must be mindful of why we do them. Every action results in an outcome so when tackling big projects or the pile of admin you’ve been putting off remember why it needs to be done and the impact it will have on other things that you have going on.

No.3 Remember:- you don’t want to hurt yourself achieving your objective

Pressure, stress and anxiety these are all that we put on ourselves in a negative capacity, grinding yourself down to a breaking point in order to achieve something are never good. We are all humans and can in some circumstances reach our limit, but why even push yourself to that point in the first place? Ask yourself if that extra is really going to make a difference or can it wait until the next day? I’ve been guilty of allowing a project to consume every aspect of my life, I go to work to only come home and do some more work and slowly I’m learning that you have to make time for yourself and learn to shut off. As going back to a task with a fresh pair of eyes is often just what you need.

No.4 Take smaller steps, don’t bite off more than you can chew

Bitesize chunks are a must for me when it comes to everything work-related, from processing information to learning new software I have to take it all in small manageable steps for it to make sense. So I remind myself that it’s ok not to get it all first time around, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

No.5 Celebrate what you did Today…..

Small changes have big outcomes, always be mindful that you don’t have to completely change or alter everything you know or do to make a positive change to achieve success.

But most importantly give TIME to the project at hand in order to effectively see the results.

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