My Favourite 3 Flowers


Flowers have never really been a big part of my life, I’ve always seen them as wasteful as they don’t ever last very long. However, one Sunday afternoon I found myself reflecting on life experiences and  I identified that although I’m not that one who buys fresh flowers each week there are 3 flowers specifically that have significance to me and my life experiences.




The Lily was my Grandma’s favourite flower and she would always have these either by the fireplace or front and centre on the dining table. They meant a lot to her and had a significant meaning which I will never understand but for me, they also are the same because of her connection and love for them. Lilies are a beautiful flower and exude purity and clam with such beautiful transition of colour from the stem to the petals their simplicity for me is what makes them one of my favourite.




Their strong, punchy, bold shade of purple is my most favourite colour. I have always loved the colour purple and to me, it represents very happy and positive emotions and takes me back to times where the colour has been of significance during specific experiences in life, and for that reason, the beautiful Hydrangea is my second favourite flower.




Peonies are definitely the flower of the moment, with their soft, gentle shade of pink Peonies are such an eye-catching flower it’s pretty hard not to love them. But looks can be deceiving, in my opinion, and the reason why a Peonies is one of my favourite flowers is ultimately down to their smell which is just breathtaking with a rounded sweet roselike scent but can often also have a clean, slightly citrus scent depending on the Peonie of your choosing.

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