A day in the life of the Unemployed

God did I underestimate how bored I would be. At the start of 2018 (day 2 to be exact), I was made redundant. This was a little-unexpected receiving notice 3 days before Christmas was a bit of a shit but that’s by the by. So as 2018 rolled around I found myself kicking it off unemployed, which at the ripe old age of 23 and in the middle of purchasing my first home was not somewhere I thought I would be in life. But in reality, it’s provided me with one of the biggest blessings I could have hoped for. They say you don’t realise how bad a situation you are in until you eventually take a step back and wow were my eyes opened. Landing employment right out the bat from the university was amazing but it was also a downfall in I didn’t know the right types of employers I should be putting myself forward for, and so my first biggest life lesson began. Being unemployed puts you through so many emotions its ups and downs which at those moments you don’t quite know how to process. So sitting here reflecting on the last 4 weeks I’m realising just how much I need work in my life. I cannot think of anything worse than waking up tomorrow with no plan, structure or organisation to my day, I crave the 9am appointments to kick start my morning and the rush hour traffic because you always want what you cant have and for weeks I would squeeze those extra 5 minutes in bed and force myself to get dressed in the mornings but now that I have all the time in the world, I feel that I’m waisting it watching each day pass me by.


10:00 – Wake up

10:15 – Brush my teeth and wash my face after scrolling through my WhatsApp and Instagram feed

10:30 – Kettle on and breakfast at the ready – bowl of cheerios and an English breakfast tea

10:40 – Morning consisting of watching Jeremy Kyle & This Morning whilst job searching and browsing online

13:10 – Lunch, possibly the most difficult decision of the day and usually consists of a 10-30 minute cooking time

14:00 – Quick tidy up of the house, dishwasher filled and wash load on

14:25 – 2nd cup of tea of the day, whilst sitting in front of the tv scrolling through the guide finding something suitable to watch for the remainder of my afternoon until my Mum andKyle get home from work.

18:00 – Call from Mum and Kyle to decide what food to have for dinner

18:30 – Begin cooking dinner

19:30 – Dinner served

20:00 – 3rd cup of tea before the new TV Drama series starts

22:00 – Time for bed

It is safe to say I cannot wait to start back working – god I miss employment

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