Glam Glow: A Little Pot of Skincare Heaven


GlamGlow was definitely one of the ‘it’ brands of 2017. With an array of celebrities, beauty influencers and industry experts labelling GlamGlow as a cult favourite, the sales sky-rocketed and the world was finding out what all the hype was about – I included.

Interestingly GlamGlow was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Glenn and Shannon Dellimore who intended GlamGlow for use only at backstage Hollywood projects. But ever since the product gained stratospheric attention on social media the product quickly hit the market in all major retailers.


The Review

Skin type: Combination – Oily

The first thing that stood out to me was the smell when I first opened the product, it just oozed a clean pure freshness which made me that much more excited to start painting my face with its goodness. The product has a thin, silky texture which made application pain free – I prefer to use a Flat Foundation Brush for convenience (because there’s nothing worse than a messy face mask that sticks to your skin like glue). I let the mask soak into my skin for 30 minutes and after rinsing it off which again was effortless, my skin felt incredibly soft and had a mattifying look – my enlarged pores were nowhere to be seen.

This mask is next level of stress/pain-free exfoliation which gives you luxury results for a bargain price.



GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment 50g £42.00


E. x

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  1. Ou I definitely would like to try something like this! 💕


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