Welcome to EmmaLouiseHerbert.com

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Why i started blogging:

This year has been a huge train wreck of emotions, being 23 in a long-term relationship, buying my first home, my friends are all engaged or having babies and my work life is going up in smoke i felt i needed a space that was my own to write down everything that was going through my head at 100mph.

So this blog is a space where all my thoughts, feelings, experiences and memories will be documented – but it is most importantly a place for me to come to relfect on past times and try to make sense or find calm in my crazy busy life. My sentences may not make sence, i may go off in a tangent, send readers off thinking i need to go see a shrink but if somehow in the process of me writing everything down i can help someone who may be feeling the same way at that moment in time in a similar situation to mine then for a split second i won’t be a random woman sat behind a computer screen typing all my emotions onto a blank white page and publishing for all to see.

Lots of Love

Emma Louise xx

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